Cafe Pripyat

On the shores of a lake the beautiful cafe, Cafe Pripyat or “The Dish” as it was known locally was a popular place for the young residents of Pripyat city to meet.

The stone clad terrace had a wide stairway that lead down to the jetty where the pleasure boats would dock, picking up passengers for pleasure cruises along the water. At the top of the steps v-shaped columns supported a covered walkway.

Busy in summer with picnics and BBQ’s, in the winter months families would ice skate on the frozen water.

The inside of the cafe had ornate stained glass windows. Totally different to the uniform architecture seen in much of the city. A place for enjoyment and pleasure in this young forward thinking city.

Today the barbed wire fence is the only distinction between the city and the waterside. The city is slowly crumbling, but from the jetty the city sits on the skyline almost as if it is still loved and inhabited. The stained glass windows hang on. Shards of glass litter the floor, reflecting and glistening in the afternoon light as the warm light is filtered through the remains of the once stunning windows.

Outside nature is making a bid for the cafe. Trees grow under the covered walkway, the roof of this concrete structure the only thing stopping their upwards growth. Rolls of wire, left by the cafe owners grows through an old tree stump, forever stuck in this wild landscape.