Meandering Wild

About Meandering Wild



I’m Suzanne and I am amazed, but pleased you have found my little corner of the world!

I’m a wanderer, photographer, diver, organiser and full time mum and dad to two teen boys.

I love wild remote places, magical sunsets, unexpected wildlife encounters and helping others see the amazing secrets of this planet for themselves!

When I am not writing or fighting with Lightroom I can be found on a cliff top watching the ocean and planning my next escape or beach combing whilst discussing the major plot twist in the Dr Who series (one day I will understand what it is all about!)


It’s been a bit of a convoluted journey to get to where I am today and if you had asked me a few years ago if I would be traveling the world with my camera, having amazing wildlife encounters and nights in remote mountain huts I would not have believed you.

I have always loved wildlife, going to the coast and just being outside away from the bustle of normal life.  Photography has been my escape from the reality and turmoil in my life and has given me a reason to travel and adventure. Since inheriting my husbands camera in 2012 I have pushed myself to learn how to use it and achieve the best images I can, continuing the love he had for wilderness adventures and photography.

I have devoured books, been on workshops with some amazing photographers and trawled the internet for inspiration when I can’t escape “mum” duties. Slowly I have learnt what I am doing and how to improve with each image I make. I am limited to the middle of the day and family holidays for the majority of my photography, but hopefully you can see that time, financial and family restraints don’t mean you can’t chase your dreams.

I love to meander through wild places, see what is over the next hill or around the next corner all the while taking photographs. I will spend hours planning a trip and photography locations, finding great beds to sleep in and different places to visit. This isn’t always successful. The weather may have different ideas, the wildlife may not show or what I thought looked amazing on paper is a disappointment in reality. This is all part of the appeal of nature photography and wild adventures.

I am very conscious of my impact on the places I visit and the wildlife I encounter. I take time to learn about an environment, the behaviour of the wildlife or the customs and traditions of a community before I leave home and I try to leave no trace of my visit. I do fly, but ensure that my carbon emissions are offset through the Trees for Life Project.

I am not rich and am not free to travel whenever the fancy takes me. Planning is essential and I have a small budget for travel that has to last me all year. This is something that I feel strongly about; travel and adventures are possible for everyone whatever your background or financial situation. All you need is enthusiasm and ideas.