Digital Content Management

Are you a small creative business that needs help with your website, blog or social media presence?

I work with small businesses to create a professional, branded and consistent online presence.  It doesn’t matter where you are located, everything can be organised and managed with email communication.

copy writing and social media managementI can provide as much or as little support as you require.  You decide what you need and I will help you to formulate your ideas.  From researching and writing a single blog post to developing content for your website I am able to work with you.  Even if you have never set up a social media account or blog I can help you find your feet and become confident and active.  I prefer to work with photographers and artists, but will consider other fields. My previous life was in medical imaging and education so I am comfortable away from the the arts. I am happy writing technical papers from a detailed brief or a summary of a wedding with images and memories you provide, the possibilities are endless.


Services Available

Copywriting for blog posts, newsletters, website content, ebooks and social media

Blog and social media images including headers and avatars

Infographics, ebooks and content upgrades



All services are priced once your brief is known.  However as a rough guide 500 words of copywriting will cost £100 without research.


Retainer Packages

A cheaper option is to have me manage all of your social media and copywriting on a monthly basis.  I will ensure posts are made following your instructions using information and images that you provide or using my own research.  You can forget all about your social media and leave it to me.

10 hour package – 10 hours a month for a minimum of three months   £300

40 hour package – 40 hours a month for a minimum of three months £800


How it works

Contact me using the form below with a basic outline of what you want.  I will ask a few more questions and develop an initial plan which we can tweak to ensure you are happy.  I will then send you a quote and a full questionnaire to get a full picture of your needs, customers, products, services and ideas.  I will also need a timescale so I can allocate the time needed to complete the work or let you know immediately if I do not have the space within your time frame.  Once everything is agreed I will take a deposit and start working on your instructions.  When the work is ready I will send you a proof which can be viewed and edited.  On final payment I will send you the file ready to share or upload directly to your site.


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