Travel Inspiration, Trip Planning and Photography Tuition

Do you look at your friends and wonder how they always have fantastic holidays when you never seem to get the same buzz?

Do you run out of time to plan an adventure and always end up on a package tour with a coach of strangers?

Do you sit in your all inclusive resort, bored and thinking that there is more to this warm island than the pool you have seen for the fifth day in row?

Or do you come home and look at your snaps and realise that they aren’t showing what you saw or felt or even show where you thought you were going to be?

If you answer yes to any of these questions let me help you plan your dream adventure.

Even if you don’t know what your dream holiday looks like, we can take what you don’t like, what your friends are doing that you want to do and mould it into an adventure to remember.

My love is for travel away from the crowds, scuba diving and walking as well as photography, but if a city break with amazing food is more your wish we can still work together to get the perfect itinerary for you.

After more than 20 years of independent travel (and only one package holiday ever!), I have experiences from around the world to help build your perfect adventure.


Travel Planning and Inspiration

Talk to me, tell me what you love, hate and want from a holiday whether it is a long weekend, a night away or a big adventure somewhere and I will plan as much or as little as you want. I will provide options for travel, accommodation, things to see and places to go. This could be for one place or a tour, the options and combinations are endless. I will take into consideration your time frames, budget and likes and dislikes to write a personalised itinerary.

I will never book anything for you, but I will search out the best prices for you, places to see off the beaten track and put together a really special itinerary.

I want to give you the freedom of independent travel without the hours of searching, comparing and debating.

Research and itinerary prices start from £50 for a weekend break with choices for accommodation, a range of travel options and things to see within a sensible travelling distance of your chosen location.


Photography Tuition

Do you look at the photographs from your holidays and days out and wish they were better? Let me help you learn how to use your camera or phone to get the best pictures possible of your holidays. After just a short while with me you will be able to use your camera or phone to get lasting memories that show where you have been and will ‘wow’ your friends and family.

Usually a minimum of three hours will get you confident in using your camera or phone. I like to spend a short while over coffee talking through what you already know and the basics before we head out for a wander and little mini adventure taking photographs as we go. We will then return for a snack while we evaluate your images and look at what you have taken.

£40 for each hour of tuition plus my travelling to our agreed location. I usually work within an hour of Bristol on weekdays only