Church of the Nativity of Our Lady, Ix-Xagħra, Gozo

Down each side lane and alleyway the red dome of the church can be seen.  Peeking out behind the yellow sandstone buildings, its significance to the small hilltop village of Ix-Xagħra obvious in its size and position.

The church is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, known locally as ‘Il-Bambina’.  Inside the church there is fine marble and ornate frescos as well as a beautiful marble statue of the young virgin Mary ‘Il-Bambina’ brought here from Marseilles in 1878.

The present church grew from an older building first recorded late in the seventeenth century. The foundation stone of the church  was laid in 1815 and the church was consecrated in 1878. 

From the outside the church stands over the main square of the village, two marble statues glistening in the Mediterranean sun.  The huge bells tolling out as the day passes.  Spending time in the cafes that are in the square the church remained peaceful and dominant despite the bustle of the lunchtime diners and traffic passing through the centre of the village.

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