Lord Arthur Hervey - Bishop of Bath and Wells and a Cherub

As we walk from the Lady Chapel behind the choir of Wells Cathedral, the sun breaks from behind a cloud.  The narrow corridor on the south side of the cathedral running from the Lady Chapel towards the South Transept is thrown into light.  Broken by the lead lattice on the windows high above, patterns and streaks of light are cast on the sandstone floor below and the tombs that line the passage are briefly illuminated.

One tomb that never fails to catch the eye is that of Lord Arthur Hervey.  A distinguished looking gent from the late Victorian era he lays with a cherub sitting on his shoulder.  Perfect in every way as the light falls across the face of this small winged marble figure it looks protectively over the late Bishop of Bath and Wells. 

He served as the Bishop from 1869-1894, being laid to rest in the Cathedral after his death at the age of 86 on 9th June 1894.  His daughter taught the swans in the moat to ring a bell when they wanted feeding, a skill that continued for many years in this game of swans.

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