Svalbarðseyri Lighthouse and Village, Iceland

Svalbarðseyri is a small village on the east shores of Eyjafjorður not far from Akureyri, the northern capital of Iceland. It is quiet with a beautiful church as well as a number of small industrial units. To the north of the town on a small promintery sits a small, but perfectly formed lighthouse. Around the lighthouse are some small fishing sheds and traditional fishing boats hauled out onto the pebble shore.

This lighthouse has a complex light system, guiding ships into the small port at Akureyri. As a summary it has a long flashing light for 6 seconds and then a range of guiding lights that are seen from different angles; 320-346 green, 346-65 white, 65-161 green, 161-170 white, 170-190 red, 190-320 no light. Wherever you are you will see this light as the harbour is approached. It is just 7.5 metres high with a 2.5 metre Norwegian made iron lantern. Built in 1920 it was electrified in 1960 and fully automated in 1995.

Photography Notes

The lighthouse is approached down a flat gravel path. You can walk around it and there is a walk beyond. Behind the lighthouse is a small pond which is useful when photographing the lighthouse from the north with the mountains behind Akureyri in the background.

Once the lighthouse has been explored the beach is perfect for beachcombing as well as photographing the fishing shed and boats. The village also has a very pretty church which is worth exploring.


Getting to Svalbarðseyri

This small village is located 6km outside of Akureyri on route 83. If you reach Akureyri through the toll tunnel you will need to turn back, away from Akureyri to find Svalbarðseyri. Following route 84 and 83 along the coast from Fnjóskadalur is far more scenic and avoids the tolls.

Once in Svalbarðseyri follow the road down past the church to the slipway where there is parking and the lighthouse is on the right.