Sulphur Tufts - Hypholoma fasciculare

It was late afternoon and clambering over a fallen tree there were large clumps of mushrooms sprouting from the decaying wood. Bright orange caps with white stems they were crammed together as if space was a limited commodity.

This wood-rotting fungus known as a sulphur tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare) is not a fussy feeder and enjoys deciduous woods as well as conifers. Basically anything that is decaying it will find a way to feed and thrive. This is known as being saprobic.

They are usually found in tight packed colonies, barely enough space between each cap to open and release spores when the time is right. Using the structure of the tree to attach and feed they will remain for a few seasons until the tree has decayed to point where the food source they need is no longer present. With bright sulphur yellow caps occurring in tight tufts, they really do live up to their name!

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