Storseisundet Bridge - The Big Bridge on the Atlantic Road

The sky was heavy with a winter storm, the clouds moving quickly, depositing their contents before swiftly moving onwards. From a distance Storseisundet Bridge was visible through the gap in the rocks. Shimmering in the stormy light, the sun reflecting off the slick wet surface its sheer size and angulation makes you wonder if it is possible to drive over this bridge.

Storseisundet Bridge

The Storseisundet Bridge is the longest and most iconic of the seven bridges which cross the islands between the Romsdal peninsular on the mainland of Norway and the island of Averøya. It is a cantilever bridge that is a massive 260 metres long with a flowing curve that makes it feel as if you are on a roller-coaster. At the top of the bridge, the Atlantic Ocean is 23 metres below, a rushing maelstrom around the piers supporting the bridge. Even on calm days, the wind can be felt. The exposed location means that storms sweep through and buffet the road throughout the year making it popular with those seeking the wildest roads on the planet.