Stabblandet Island Peaks


Racing for the ferry at Sandvika over to the nearby island of Edøy is not the time to see a stunning range of mountains, especially when the ferry timetables only give enough time to drive from one terminal to the next. However, this range of mountains, dusted in early autumn snow was worth the risk of missing the ferry and having an hour to wait.

The peaks of Innerbergsalen at 908m and Storøra at 905m rise from the shoreline on the island of Stabblandet, the highest island peaks in southern Norway. Dominating the skyline and rising beyond the nearby peak of Skarven on the adjacent island of Tustna and the road to the Sandvika ferry these dark rocks are ragged and harsh.

At just under 10 square miles, Stabblandet is almost totally mountain with just a few small villages on the northern shoreline and tracks leading onto the mountains. The main road linking the adjacent islands of Tustna and Jørnøya skirts around the base of the mountains with sea eagles soaring in the thermoclines and rainbows dancing along the coast in the rain showers.

The trek to the peaks is classed as easy, but looking at the mountains from a distance this classification is hard to believe. The trek is between 12km and 16km depending on the route with 1200m to1700m of vertical gain, an epic day of trekking in the summer months.