The Lost Snow Goose on Shetland

Storm Hector was a wild summer storm.  Blowing in mid-June he whipped across the Atlantic bringing birds far from home.  Rain was blown horizontal by the wind that buffeted the coast of Shetland ripping the summer leaves from the already sparse bushes.  Lambs were blown from their feet, learning quickly how to live in this remote landscape.

Enthralled by the story by Paul Gallico, not realising the story behind the recording that I had as a child I had always wanted to see my own Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens).

Watching this storm blown goose on the southern end of Shetland the story from my childhood, the music and the emotion that it evoked was dredged from my memory.  Not quite the graceful bird I had expected, but it was still beautiful as it ate grass as if it had not eaten for a month.  Lost from its summer home in the Arctic north of Greenland, Siberia or America who knows where its journey will take it next.

A snow goose lost on Shetland after Storm Hector eats grass preparing for its next journey

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