Photography at Roman Bath

Bath is a small and perfectly formed city in the South West of England.  Busy with tourists of every nationality, it is sometimes easy to avoid the major attractions for convenience and a quiet life.   The Roman Baths see over a million visitors a year making 'people' free images almost impossible.  I love people, don't get me wrong, but I like to avoid them cluttering my images.  It was with reservations that I visited the baths on a busy sunny spring day.  This UNESCO site was already buzzing, people everywhere at every angle trying to get their memories saved for when they got home.  This adventure would require an alternative view.  I tried the big traditional vistas of the Baths with the Abbey in the background but there were people wandering in and out and all around.  However, the statues and carvings started to attract my attention.  These knarled and nobbled emperors from the past brought the place to life. The textures taking on a life of their own. Stories of the centuries they have stood exposed to the elements looking over the Baths told in each dimple and chip. 

Photography inside the Roman Baths

Inside, the museum is interactive with lots of displays and picking out parts of the past, using a long exposure to avoid the glare of the modern flash, the museum provided lots of chances to show the past.  Carvings, everyday utensils and the unusual often overlooked on the speed tour of the Baths with a guide and limited time.  Taking my time, in my own world with just me and my camera I was able to explore the things that caught my attention, playing with exposures and angles to show the past in a modern world.

Pillars and People Avoidance!

The Baths themselves are hard to photograph and even harder when others are around.  Hiding behind pillars, sitting and waiting for 'the moment' and just giving it time paid off.  They may be unusual views of the Baths but hidden behind each pillar or tight crop is a tourist living their own life that I didn't need to capture or share.  Maybe this avoidance of people comes down to my own personal dislike of being in pictures, but maybe the accidental tourist doesn't need to be in my picture for ever more.  Thinking in monochrome also helped a little.  Without the bright colours of clothing, the accidental tourist blends in to the environment.  That tour group orange hat really did cause me angst until the colour was removed!