Refugio Otto Meiling

"Look there, you can see the top of the roof!" Maybe if I strain my eyes and use some imagination I can see the roof of Refugio Otto Meiling. Maybe there is a tiny dot at the base of the glaciers tumbling off Monte Trondor.  Three hours later it is definitely there.  A small weathered hut, nestled at the base of the mountain.  

 Refugio Otto Meiling sits perched on the edge of a plateau at the base of Cerro Tronador in the foothills of the Andes.

A welcome refuge for the night after a long 14km uphill trek from the green valley which is still visible in the distance below.  Never before have I been so happy to see a bottle of Malbec.  However no-one reminded me of the consequences of drinking wine rapidly at altitude.  Neither had it crossed my mind that 60 tired trekkers all sleeping in one room on old mattress' on the floor would generate such an unsettled and never to be repeated night.