Red Kite Catching Carrion

A compromise between the fishery owner and the wildlife means that red kites and ospreys can live alongside the fisheries.  One pool un-netted, a free snack for any passing ospreys and kites. The ospreys take the living brown trout, the red kites will take any dead trout or those taking their last breathe on the surface.

This red kite had been circling for a while.  His first circuit was low, figuring out the position of the bank and the direction of the wind. This survey fly-by was followed by an intentional dive from a completely different direction.  Making lighter work than previous attempts where the trout slipped from his grasp, he was in and out with his supper in the blink of an eye.  His wing tips adjusting by millimetres, he is absolutely on target as he grabs the dead brown trout from the surface of the water.

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