The Osprey and the Brown Trout

The light is fading over the small pond near Rutland Water.  It’s been a long day.  

Fishing at first light, the osprey is back for an evening hunt.  Valuable nutrition for his two young before night fall. 

He silently comes in, talons outstretched and settles high above the lake.  Watching the brown trout far below.  His head bobbing as he assesses the situation. 

Without warning he is off his perch. Plunging downwards towards the 16000 trout below.  His talons ready to ensnare and retrieve the first trout he makes contact with.

He lands with an explosion of water, grappling with the trout as it fights for its life.  A melee of wings, water and scales.  Finally he lifts from the water, huge wings powering him from the water. 

A slow glide lifts his water drenched torso into the air and he heads along the valley back to his nest and hungry brood. 

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