Orkanger Rorbua

The rain was lumpy, not sure if it wanted to be rain or become something more substantial. Trondheim was 40km away. A busy modern city compared to this small industrial city at the head of Orkdalsfjord. However, this city is the second biggest in Trøndelag county after Trondheim. It is one of the most important industrial hubs in central Norway despite its diminutive size.

Leaving the main road, the tarmac becomes uneven. We needed to stop and explore after repetitive tunnels and toll roads. Even though this is a working city with a busy port for the export of timber and pyrite (the mine is visible behind the city), thriving oil and gas pipeline business and research facilities we found a little wild corner to explore.

The marina is enclosed by a wall and at the end is a small lighthouse. Not really a lighthouse, a ‘rorbua’ the Norwegian for fisherman’s cabin. Cosy inside against the elements it was a little find in a city that has nowhere to visit according to the all knowing TripAdvisor!

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