Little blue umbrella mushrooms - Mycena pseudocorticola

Almost ignored, this small mushroom was at eye level, tucked away on the thick trunk of an oak tree. Hidden from the path through Longwood in Cheddar Gorge something made me stop. Tiny blue specks, out of place amidst the lush green moss that coated the ancient trunk were gently surviving.

Less than a centimetre in diameter the ridged caps caused confusion for a few days. Many thoughts focussed on amethyst deceivers but they didn’t fit what these were. Discussion and book searching along with lots of google attempts were inconclusive. However their true identity was revealed eventually - Mycena pseudocorticola.

This small species of fungi grows within the moss on living deciduous trees. Tiny in comparison to other mushrooms and toadstools they are just 2-12mm. Ranging in colour from slate grey to blue they will turn brown as they age.

Such a pretty little find amongst the bigger, brasher fungi of the English woodland.

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