Marwick Fisherman's Huts

Dark clouds hung on the horizon and the wind was slowly picking up as we walked along the cliff top from Mar Wick passing the rocky bay known as Tunga.  The clouds were heavy with snow and the race to walk the half mile to the fishermen's huts was on.

The deep cut in the cliff where Sand Geo sits was seen just as the first flakes of the storm hit.  Glad to reach somewhere dry we settled into the wind free shelter of the hut to wait for the squall to pass.

The Marwick fishermen built the huts in 1898 with the last one being completed in 1913.  They had originally used a bay further north but the steamer Monomoy beached itself in 1896 and they had to relocate.  It is believed that the winch used to haul their boats up the beach came from the wreck of the steamer.

The storm eventually passed and we explored the bay with its large, smooth round pebbles and layered cliffs while the sea returned wave after wave in an angry explosive succession.  An insult on the senses.  Natural continual noise from the waves, combined with the howling of the wind.  The smell of fresh sea and waves combined with the sharp and spiteful feel of salted water continually buffeting your skin. 

A photographs were taken with an iphone 6 in square format.

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