The Colour of Spices

Everything in Marrakech is about colour and vibrance.  From the terracotta plaster on walls to the ornate rugs and intricate lamps everything is a technicolour insult on the eyes and brain.

Spices are no exception.  We were picked up (again) by a pleasant young man who offered to show us around.  Ultimately he took us to the spice shop. 

Stepping into the cool interior from the bright sunlight our eyes took time to adjust.  With sweet mint tea in our hands we were shown the spices, the solid perfumes and the argan oil.  All with a story of where they were made, what they could be used for and how they were the best in the city.

With diplomacy and strength we managed to extract ourselves with the promise to return later with money and a list.  The skeptical look and "Inshallah" said it all.  

However we were good to our word and did return to delighted welcomes, more mint tea and a chance to shop and photograph this amazing colour extravaganza.