Ice Patterns on Lochindorb

Coming off the grouse moor, the waters of Lochindorb came in to view.  We had seen the loch from the air, a small elongated stretch of water beneath the white tipped hills of the Cairngorm Mountains. Lochindorb means 'Loch of Trouble' in Gaelic, this peaceful scene could not be further from trouble if it tried.

Just a short drive from Grantown-on-Spey in the Scottish Highlands, this loch is surrounded by hills.  The centre of the loch has a small island with the remains of  Lochindorb Castle, the historical stronghold of Clan Comyn.  This small castle has been isolated in the middle of this loch since the 13th Century, occupied during the Wars of Independence and later used as a prison.  However, by 1455 it fell out of use and into disrepair.

The sun was setting and the chill that had been hanging in the air started to descend.  Weeks of subzero night temperatures had frozen the loch around the shallow crystal clear edges.  Mini icebergs had formed and patterns, whipped into the frozen surface by the arctic wind gave a calm and reflective feel to the surface of the loch.

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