Knarrarósviti was the first lighthouse to be built of reinforced concrete between 1938 and 1939. It is located on the shoreline just outside the village of Stokkseyri. Designed by the engineer Axel Sveinsson and heavily influenced by the work of the state architect Guðjón Samúelsson (who also designed the National Theatre in Reykjavik and Hallgrímskirkja), it is minimal in its design with a twist of art nouveau.

It’s 26.2m height makes it the tallest building in south Iceland. The square white tower can be seen from a distance and as you get closer the small red dome housing the light glistens in the sunlight. A stark contrast to the black and white square block of the tower.

This is one of the more haunted lighthouses in Iceland with a history of suicide, but as to who haunts the tower there is less certainty. It certainly has an atmosphere as you take the staircase to the top and you can only imagine the feel of the place in a winter storm as the wind howls and the doors and windows take the full force.

Photography Notes

This lighthouse can be seen from a distance but power lines can get in the way. A track runs to the lighthouse and then on to the shoreline and this is the best location for photographs.

There is minimal light pollution making this a fantastic spot for dark sky photography in the winter months.


Getting to Knarrarósviti

This lighthouse is easy to reach from Stokkseyri or the larger town of Selfoss. It is on road 33 and there is a small track from the road. At the gate there is an information board and from here you can walk to the lighthouse. In the summer months the tower is opened. Do not take your car beyond the gate. This is private land and the owner will move you on however permission has been granted to visit the lighthouse!