St Magnus Cathedral Snowdrops

St Magnus Cathedral is located in Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland.  It is an unusual Cathedral.  With red sandstone bricks it stands proud over the town and can be seen from the surrounding islands and seas.  

With graves dotted all over the place it tells the stories of hundreds of individuals.  Some stories sad, some more intriguing.  One of these is the pretty stone with a heart at the top of the inscription.  On this heart is an additional inscription to John Mainland who died on 30th February 1885 - what was happening to the calendar or the stone mason?

At the back of the graveyard, tucked behind the final path and stones is a pretty corner of snowdrops.  Only there for a few weeks each year, they blanket the ground in a covering of white.  Battered by the winds and snow, these hardy little plants emerge year after year bringing signs of spring to the exposed landscape.

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