Sanday Fish Boxes

The pier at Kettletoft was once bustling with fishermen.  A key industry in this remote Scottish island, the village grew around its fishing industry, though it never became as significant as Stronsay just a short 5 miles across the Sanday Sound.

During the herring boom of the late 1800s and early 1900s Kettletoft was a hive of activity with boats landing their catch, usually herring.   Herring girls travelled around the islands gutting and salting the catch before the fish were boxed and sent to distant markets.

Today the pier is quiet.  No longer the main entry point to the island, but still used by fishermen to land their catch.

Stacked along the quayside are wooden boxes, branded with details of the fisherman and in some cases the contents.  These sturdy and well used boxes are used by the fishermen to transport their valuable catch to markets, shops and restaurants on Orkney Mainland, the other islands and beyond.

Visiting Kettletoft Quay

Kettletoft is located a few miles from Lady and is about 15minutes drive from the ferry at Loth.  The village is at the end of a dead end road to the quay so you can't really miss it.

Parking is free and there is plenty of space at a large parking area by the recycling area and along the road.  Just use your common sense when parking.

The village of Kettletoft has two pubs/restaurants as well as a small shop, post office and public toilets.

At high tide the harbour area and rocks are covered making for great reflections and a tidy appearance.  At low tide the rocks are uncovered and the boats are sitting dry on the sandy shore line.

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