Intentional Camera Movement over Lago Nahuel Huapi

Returning to Bariloche at the end of the trek Lago Nahuel Huapi was the stunning view from our hotel room.  The night we arrived the wind began to increase and the chop arrived on the water.  The lake and the blue skies were stunning.  

This lake is enormous dividing the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén.  It is made up of a number of deep glacial valleys .  The lake covers 204 square miles and is 438m deep in places which allows the shore to feel like an ocean beach rather than the edge of a lake.

The waves roll in like any ocean beach, whipped up by the infamous wind that roars through this part of Argentina.  Known as the “roaring forties” air is displaced towards the South Pole from the equator.  Minimal land masses are present to stop the winds so they just keep going.  This can lead to gales which we felt the tail end of in Bariloche.  Nothing compared to other areas in Patagonia, but enough for me.

Bariloche on a windy day
The mountains beyond Bariloche

Intentional Camera Movement

The white horses on the lake was messy and was not what I wanted. By balancing my camera on the hotel balcony, using an ND400 filter and moving the camera throughout a 1/5-second exposure some exciting changes appeared. The waves became white stripes and the blue of the lake was intensified. The long slow movement gave stripes, a quicker movement with no tripod gave curly edges to the waves - nice in their own weird way!  I should have used a tripod but sleep deprivation was kicking in and my duvet was calling.  With more time and planning these could have been stunning.  Another lesson in giving myself time to get what I want.