How to emphasise the subject in your photo


Sometimes what you see with your eyes in the moment and what you get on your photograph is not the same. Your eyes will see what they want to see, subconsciously making the important things seem bigger than they may be in reality.

Unfortunately your camera doesn’t work like your eyes and brain and so you need to give it a helping hand! There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful scene while you are out exploring, taking a photograph and being disappointed that your memory does not match the photograph you have taken.

A landscape that looks stunning as you stand there may be totally underwhelming on your screen when you finally see the image. So to get the image looking like your mind here are a few tips….

  1. Use a wide lens, one that shows a lot of the landscape within the shot. This allows the object to be seen in context. A rock on its own isn’t much to look at but show it within the environment and it tells a story.

  2. Get in close and low. The lower and closer the camera is placed the more important the subject becomes. The subject should be obvious, the key to the photograph and providing clarity to the observer.

  3. Shoot vertical and really emphasise your subject. Changing your position to the object and the landscape around it can change the whole feel of the photograph and take an image from mediocre to beautiful.