Hopen Memorial to Oscar Tyringham


As we come around the corner we catch a glimpse of a sculpture. Just a passing glimpse but enough to make us wonder. A rapid U-turn and we find a parking spot on the jetty.

the memorial to Oscar Tyringham in Hopen Norway

This monument is in memory of Oscar Tyringham who witnessed a fatal stranding of a ship in a storm in 1882. As he stood on the spot where we were stood he witnessed the loss of the entire crew on a winters night.

This disaster fuelled his desire to set up a rescue service but there were critics. The coastline was rugged and the volunteers were minimal in numbers. However he persevered and from this humble beginning came one of the earliest marine rescue services in Norway.

There is very little information about Oscar and this memorial online, but the simple information on the roadside sign gives a brief story to this granite memorial designed by Marit Lichander and unveiled in 2008.

As with many modern art installations we are left to make our own interpretation but it feels like a whale fluke to me, with the broken boat off shore in the position where the disaster unfolded. Sometimes the unexpected finds or tiny adventures can result in a lasting memory and a touching story like this.


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