Tumbling Fulmars High Above Rousay

March sunshine and a freezing breeze mixed with the calls of the fulmars starting to nest filled the sky on this exposed corner of Scotland. Rousay is a small island within the Orkney archipelago and Saviskaill Bay sits on the northern coast, looking out over Westray and then the Arctic north of the Atlantic Ocean.

The day was perfect, small puffed clouds on the horizon and the azure blue of the sea and sky, blending into the sandy beach and the shallow cliffs beyond where the fulmars watched the beach. These strong characters live on the cliffs and abandoned crofts across Orkney.  They even make their homes on the blockships in Scapa Flow

The fulmars glide with stiff wings over the ruined house sitting on the small cliffs along the north shore of Saviskaill Beach.  Showing their white underside as they bank and drift through the clear skies their grey wings are on display. Taking great interest in the perceived 'intruders', they banked and swooped over us getting closer and closer before banking hard and catching the updraft away into the skies above.

Shouting at us far below on the beach they continued their relentless assault on us until a dog arrived and distracted their attention. 

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