Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower - How Many Names can a Tower Have?

Hiding in a London underpass as the sun sets is not always a good way to spend an evening.  However, when that underpass has a view of Elizabeth Tower (as it is currently known), it is a great place to capture the moment whilst avoiding commuters and party goers.

Elizabeth Tower is the main tower of the Palace of Westminster, the universally known symbol of London and British Politics.  The bell contained within the tower is Big Ben, ringing out across London and the nation at significant times throughout British history.  

This significance is recognised in the UNESCO status of the Palace of Westminster along with Westminster Abbey and the medieval Church of St Margaret

This tower however has had numerous names - the East Tower (but it is at the north end of the palace), the Clock Tower (but how many clock towers are there in Westminster, let alone London), St Stephen's Tower (totally wrong as this is a smaller tower over the public entrance to the palace), Big Ben (but that is the bell). 

Maybe the decision in 2012 to name it Elizabeth Tower to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will eradicate all of this confusion over what this iconic clock tower should be called.

The Palace of Westminster in London from the South Bank. A UNESCO heritage site and the home of British Parliament

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