The Wall of Eldhuset Cafe

Sometimes things can be missed. Arriving late, the cafe was closed and the nearby bridge was too much of an attraction. The wall was just a wall, ignored.

However a return in morning light, reflections bouncing off the coloured panels and the smell of fresh pastries wafting in the gentle autumn breeze made the wall of Eldhuset Cafe a thing of beauty. The doors hidden within the pattern but the treats within were worth the time to find a way in.

The wall of Eldhuest cafe in Norway

How to Find Eldhuset Cafe

This small cafe is easy to find on the Atlantic Road in Norway if you know it is there. Heading west along the road from Kårvåg it is on the right in the parking area just before Storseisundet Bridge. Look for the decorated wall along the back of the parking area and you have found the cafe! With seasonal variations in opening times and menu options it is well worth checking before you visit if you are wanting to eat at the cafe. Having been caught out with food in Norway in early October it is definitely worth taking the time to explore opening times.

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