Duncansby Head Lighthouse

Driving north, Scotland seems to never end. On the most north easterly piece of mainland Britain stands Duncansby Head. With the swirling waters of the Pentland Firth nearly 70 metres below and the jagged cliffs nearby the need for a lighthouse in this remote location can be seen.

History of Duncansby Head Lighthouse

This is one of the newer lighthouse. Designed and built by David A Stevenson in 1924 it was designed to guid ships across the Pentland Skerries. Not long after it was built World War Two broke out. On the eve of the invasion of Norway the lighthouse was machine-gunned by a German bomber. Luckily no damage or injury was caused.

Duncansby Lighthouse

This lighthouse is relatively small standing just 11 metres high, but on a cliff 67 metres above the sea below. It is one of the few square towers that the Stevenson family built. The small cottages attached to the light were home to the Principle Lighthouse keeper and his two assistants.

Engineer: David A Stevenson

Established: 1924

Character: Flashing White every 12 seconds

Height: 11metres 

Status: Operational

Automated: 1997

Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board

Access: There is car park and information board at the lighthouse but the tower is not open

Visiting Duncansby Head

Duncansby Head Lighthouse is not open to the public but can be reached by following the road out to the headland. There is a large car park adjacent to the lighthouse with views across the Pentland Firth to Orkney

There is a trig point not far from the lighthouse with views to the sea stacks and towards Orkney. It is an exposed location but there are some lovely easy walks. Just be careful of the cliff edges.


Photography at Duncansby Head

The lighthouse sits in a dip in on the cliff top. This makes it invisible from the land until you are close by. Walking to the trig point provides lots of options for photography. In the morning the sun will rise beyond the lighthouse making for stunning early morning landscapes.

U.K. Lighthouse Challenge

This lighthouse is part of my U.K. Lighthouse Challenge.

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