Heart Pebbles and Blue Skies at Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach; just the mention of this beach sends a combined shiver of excitement and despair through me.  A stunning location for diving with wrecks within a few meters of the low tide mark but then the hellish battle to carry kit up the 12metre shingle bank and over the 160metre wide expanse of pebbles when the dive is over.  In my insanity the climb is almost worth the beauty below the waves. 

Many days have been spent sitting on this pebble beach, searching for the elusive heart shaped pebble or the pinnacle of pebble hunting - the pebble with a complete hole through the middle.

Weather moving up from the south-west is visible, thunder storms with lightening touching down across the English Channel as well as snow squalls in winter heading inland on a weather front are easily seen from the ridge of pebbles.  Hiding behind this natural wind break is Portland Harbour, The Fleet (a lagoon formed behind the pebble bank) and the Dorset town of Weymouth beyond.

Chesil is an 18mile long beach.  Joining the English mainland to Portland it is the longest tombolo in the UK.  Part of the UNESCO World Heritage West Dorset Jurassic Coast it runs from Portland in the east to West Bay and Bridport in the west. 

The pebbles on the beach at Portland are large, orange sized pebbles but nature sorts these well and by the time the beach reaches West Bay and Bridport the pebbles are smaller, almost pea sized.  How this happens, I don't know but I am sure there is an answer!

Heart pebble on Chesil beach
Chesil Beach in Dorset is an 18mile long beach. It is the largest tombolo in England and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

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