Camping in Comfort at Trevayne Farm

I like lots of things in principle and then it comes to reality and I change my mind. Camping is one of those things.  Especially in August in the UK.  This is guaranteed to bring wet days, whingeing kids, cold nights and general bickering between partners.  Luckily the last is not on my list of issues so thankfully it is only three issues to balance.

Heading to Wales

Heading to Pembrokeshire, the motorway system snaking ahead until you fall off the end on to 'A-roads' and the endless little white roads as my dad always called them takes time.  This journey was no different but the further west we travelled the worse the weather became.  The roads drenched and people hiding from the summer monsoon style rain was all that laid ahead of us.

Eventually we reached Trevayne Farm.  The tiny road from the main road (if you can call it that) was single track.  The hedges on either side drenched from the rain.  Small copses every so often providing cover.  Passing places were never in the right place and some drivers were insistent that it was their road and their right of way.  As we arrived on the site the weather hit its first peak.  Driving rain, gale force wind and rivers running down the tracks across the farm.

Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire

As I have said, I do go camping.  I enjoy it all once we are sorted out but I hate the set up and post-trip cleaning and sorting.  Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire makes life easy.  We had a text saying that once we had checked in to the site we should drive to the end of the road in the camping field and look for the blue tent with a red owl outside.  Now, my plan was to take photographs when we arrived.  To share the moment of finding our tent.  However when we arrived at the tent the rain was driving and the wind was howling.  A lake was forming around the tent (as it was around all the other tents) and so a rapid exit from the car was essential.

 Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire makes camping easy.  Even when the field is flooding in the rain the camping experience is easy and almost pleasant.

The weather receded rapidly once we entered our home for the next few nights.  All laid out ready to use.  Camp kitchen fully fitted, beds ready to use and a range of games to keep us occupied.  I ferried all our belongings in and sat down with a glass of prosecco just as the zenith of the storm hit.  Listening to the rain beat down and my new neighbours bicker as they tried to get their tent erected in the storm, a wave of smug contentment hit me.

 Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire make camping really easy.  With everything ready to go all you bring is your food, sleeping bag and clothes

This smugness remained as a massive storm (the remains of a hurricane) swept over during the next night and I emerged from my warm and cosy bed to see bedraggled beings emerging from cars.  Not all had been as dry or cosy as we had it seems.  On the final day it was such a pleasure to just 'walk away' from the tent.  No need to entertain kids while battling to get a wet tent folded and back in the car.  No dampness infusing the car with that horrid aroma as we drove.  And certainly no messing around at home trying to dry the tent out before packing away.  All that was left in Wales for the wonderful team at Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire to sort out.

Trevayne Farm

A campsite can make or break a camping trip.  I really do believe that a website attracts the people that the site deserves.  I had looked at lots of sites in Pembrokeshire for Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire to pitch our tent.  However I kept coming back to Trevayne Farm.  The website just connected me to their site and the temptation of their own beach was too much to resist.

This quiet site, tucked away between the holiday bustle of Saundersfoot and Tenby has to be the most laid back and calm site we have stayed on.  It was great to have a designated camping field.  No pitches to find or white lines to keep within.  Just a sensible request of keeping 5m from our neighbours.

The showers and toilets were always spotless despite the mud and rain.  There was ample hot water and even washing up late resulted in hot water.  I was a little shocked at the open plan sinks for washing but after the first shock even this became a pleasure.  Not being confined to a tiny cubicle it was a novelty to brush your teeth whilst watching the clouds go by above.  The biggest draw of the site was the cliff top location with beautiful views across Carmarthern Bay to Saundersfoot and Amroth beyond and the hidden Monkstone Beach.

 The view from the camping fields at Trevayne Farm is stunning.

Monkstone Beach

The walk across the fields and through the woods to Monkstone Beach  is like a little adventure in itself.  Everyone struggled through the magical woods as the mud was growing with each pair of shoes.  But the moment you stepped from the woods onto the beach, everything was forgotten, including the thought of having to walk back UP the cliffs to the campsite.

 Monkstone Beach is tucked away under Trevayne Farm campsite.  It is a beautiful sandy beach that even on a sunny afternoon was relatively quiet.

The beach was glowing in the afternoon sunshine by the time we arrived.  For a sandy beach in August it was deserted.  Just a few families scattered around.  The turquoise sea was calm.  Too calm for body boarding but enough of a draw for two boys.  There were rocky outcrops to climb, deep pools to splash in and rock pools full of crabs and small fry to explore.  The sand is perfect for castle building and as there is no road access and rocks at either end children are contained.  Always a bonus when you want to snooze in the sun.

The biggest problems we had with the beach was deciding to leave, only driven away by the chill as the sun set behind the cliffs and finding the path back up.  In retrospect, looking at photographs there is a big white stone arrow pointing the way, but that was missed by us all at the time.

 The path from Monkstone Beach hidden away in the tress

Heading Home

After a great three nights away it was time to head home.  The weather had been extreme.  From tropical sunshine on Caldey Island to monsoon rain and lightening at night.  However the choice of site and the amazing set up provided by Camping in Comfort Pembrokeshire meant that we had fun and remained dry and cosy.