Bulldog Pet Photography with Arnie

Sometimes I venture beyond my comfort and photograph pets.  I love wildlife photography but photography for someone other than myself is a whole different game.  Arnie is a stud dog and TV star.  He needed some new photographs for his agents portfolio.  Whilst this induced stress and panic in me I stupidly agreed to the work.  

Off we went to the local park.  Somewhere he knew, that was safe and contained, that we could use to get some fun shots of him.  What I hadn't bargained for was his playful nature and the allure of the reeds and river along the side of the park.  Who knew bulldogs were so cheeky!!

An hour later with one soggy dog, one equally soggy owner and a memory card of images we were done.  I have learnt my lesson with Arnie and for future work with him, the car boot yields the best images - if only I had know  that he sits motionless and behaves in the car boot life would have been so much easier!!

If you would like me to come and take some photographs of your pet whether it is dog, cat or horse then drop me a message.  I am slowly building a portfolio of work so I am currently offering special rates

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