Brunnhorn Mountain and a Chair

As you leave the tunnel looking back you hope to see Vestrahorn Mountain but instead a new mountain appears. It is not like any seen before and from this angle it really does look like the Batman mountain. It disappears for a time as the road snakes around, but as you approach the small village and pretty church of Stafafell there is no doubting its outline. It blends into the landscape from Vestrahorn, just another peak, but in isolation from the east there is no doubting its presence.

To add to this surreal feeling as you approach a small place on the map called Fjörur a red chair sits proud on the side of the road. However this red chair is there for a reason that someone must know but isn’t saying. Attached to a rock it comes and goes, sometimes it is reported as missing only for it to return.

From the chair you can see batman rock. Maybe it is all the fresh air out here in the east, but someone really is playing with your mind in this far corner of East Iceland!


Photography Notes

Brunnhorn Mountain can be photographed from with the west or the east. On its west side it merges into the mountains of Vestrahorn, but when viewed from the east it takes on the batman appearance. We viewed it in the early afternoon in summer and it was perfectly silhouetted and this can only get better as sunset approaches. It can be seen from the road so it is just a matter of picking the aspect you like best.

Brunnhorn on the far right peaking out behind Vestrahorn

Brunnhorn on the far right peaking out behind Vestrahorn

The red chair is a unique challenge. Trying to give a sense of location when it is stuck on top of a lump of rock and is just a chair can be difficult. However it is a fun location for some holiday snaps.


Getting to the Red Chair and Stafafell Church

The red chair and Stafafell are both located a short distance from the tunnel if you are heading away from Vestrahorn. The church is signposted from Ring Road 1. After leaving the church continue along road 1 and the chair will be shortly afterwards on your right. There is an off road parking space, but remember, it may not be there!!