Bridges - The Path to Somewhere

The narrow mountain river that rushes through Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains continues downstream, widening as the valley floor opens and the Marrakech Plains come closer.

A collection of houses across the valley are sandy against the lush green of willow trees.  The rugs and sheets all washed and hung out preparing for the start of Ramadan.  Homes ready for the family time that the month brings.

Getting to this hamlet is harder than it first appears.  The river is high with melt water and the small palm bridge sits isolated in the middle of the torrent.  A second bridge crosses a small channel but still the palm bridge stands in isolation.  

Above all of this is a third bridge, safe from flood water but precarious.  Made of wire and later in its span, boards of different sizes.  This bridge is far from the safe crossing that the fast flowing Asif N'au Mizaneriver would require when it is raging in the spring months.