Plastic Tide

The beaches of the U.K. are becoming the home to more debris with each high tide. Everyone must do their bit to make the beaches just a little bit cleaner. At the first step, buying plastic free through to careful recycling waste can be reduced. However once it is in the system and on beaches the only option is to pick it up each time you see something that should not be on a beach. Whilst it is a tiny gesture in the grand scheme of things, every small bit picked up is one less piece in our oceans.

This project aims to show the debris collected from beaches in a new light. Hopefully making you think about how you recycle and reuse in everyday life. It is now waste but was once sold as a bright shiny desirable product within catalogue or website pages with stunning images to help you chose the product you desire. So my aim is to take the beach debris right back to where it first enters the cycle, the product images from their past.