Bakkafjörður - The Furthest Village from Reykjavík

Bakkafjörður is a small village of under 80 residents in the far north east of Iceland. Dependent on fishing and fish processing it is a lonely and isolated location. It is the furthest village from the capital, Reykjavík which is 634 kilometres away by road. A distance that makes it feel like a different planet.

The village is small and sits on the shoreline of Bakkaflói Bay. The pier and old cranes are still standing along with the frames used for drying the fish. An insight into the past that saw this once thriving village develop and flourish.


Digranes Lighthouse

A short distance from Bakkafjörður is Digranes Lighthouse. To get to the lighthouse it is an 8 kilometre walk past the abandoned farm of Steintún and along the shoreline to the end of the peninsula. The lighthouse was built in 1943 but it wasn’t active until 1947 when funds finally became available and was fully automated by 1988. The tower is square with black stripes on each side and a red lantern. It sits on black rocks on a narrow outcrop.


Photography Notes

Bakkafjörður village is surrounded by stunning mountains which in bright weather or snow make for stunning landscapes. Wildlife is everywhere and by slowing down it will become obvious as you explore the area.

The village itself is limited for photography but looking for details in the surrounding countryside will present opportunities. There are stunning views across Bakkaflói bay with the Langanes peninsula in the distance. There perfect spot to photograph the midnight sun or the northern lights.


Getting to Bakkafjörður

Bakkafjörður is 44km south of Þórshöfn and 36km north of Vopnafjörður on a rough road just off route 85. It is over 7 hours drive from Reykjavík via the north of the country. Route 85 is intermittent gravel and tarmac and can be difficult in bad weather.

The village is the start (or end) of the Arctic Coast Way along the north of the country.

Bakkafjörðuris is the furthest village in Iceland from the capital Reykjavík. It is a small fishing village on the shoreline with a nearby lighthouse.