Lights to the Plough - Aurora Borealis over Orkney

The northern lights are one of the natural world's most well know spectacles and many people want to see them at least once in their lifetime.  

Above a small cottage on Orkney the lights swirled for the evening, reaching to the plough the lights filled the summer sky.  

The activity had been building during the previous few days and as the sun set the first tantalising muted colours were visible, blending into the orange glow of the twilight.

Below the first rays of the northern lights were noctilucent clouds, high atmospheric ice crystals that can only be seen in the summer twilight, sparkling in the remnants of the sunlight.  

The electricity within the atmosphere was there and as the darkness fell the lights gave a white glow to the sky.  This built until the columns of light were visible as white spikes in the sky, moving and dancing across the sky chasing the remnants of the Perseid meteor shower.  

This was a small display compared to some displays but was still perfect in its own way.

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