Storholmen and Hustadvika Guesthouse

As the sun sets in the west the clouds over the Atlantic Road darken. Winter is knocking on the door and this summer retreat is battening down for the winter. The adventure along the Atlantic Road takes you from Kårvåg in the east to Bud in the far west. Just over halfway, beyond the iconic bridges is small village called Farstad, a junction of roads spanning out towards the coast and further west. Mountains climb high above the village, dusted in snow and engulfed in low cloud, the peaks visible towering above the low level clouds. From Farstad one of the roads leads to Storholmen, a secluded shallow bay forming a natural harbour.

Storholmen is an old trading village, shipping timber to Kristiansund, Trondheim and beyond. At the same time wide hulled cargo sailboats called Jekts brought salted cod in from Lofoten and Finnmark further north during the spring and summer generating work as the fish was dried for the long hard winters. It also had a strong tradition in the making of spirits and more than likely the consumption (purely for research) of the local brews.

Trade and fishing has been a long tradition in these dangerous coastal waters and wreckage found offshore at Stopleleden in the late 1980’s tells the story of a disaster 6kilometres offshore from this now quiet coastal location.

The village as well as 18 homes were destroyed around the Sound of Storholmvågen in a winter storm in 1901. The villagers never returned after this event, however the guesthouse now allows this wild coast to be enjoyed.

Staying at Hustadvika Guesthouse

Hustadvika Guesthouse is a small Norwegian hotel. It has a very short summer season from Mid-June to Mid-August however guests are welcomed through the year. In the winter months the restaurant and hotel facilities are all closed and accommodation are in the self contained Sea Houses. The Sea Houses are little wooden chalets with a small kitchen area and cosy bedrooms. Perfect for the end of a wild day on the Atlantic Road.

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