Weather Beaten Norwegian Fishing Shed

The Atlantic coast is unforgiving. Buffeted by winter storms and sub-zero temperatures for months on end this old fishing shed on the Atlantic Road on the island of Sør Skarvøya was weathered. The once vibrant paint peeling to expose the hard wearing and silver wood beneath. Age and wear accelerating with each winter storm.

Salt water eating away at the hinges of doors, the metal crumbling in the hostile conditions. Rust merging with wood to leave a deep orange stain.

The windows are deep in dried salt, thrown against the panes of glass during storms and left to dry in the intense sunshine that follows leaving a dull finish to once clear glass. Peering through the windows the dust and shadows of a forgotten shed tell a story of the past. Fishing nets and ropes still hang from the rafters, one day they may be remembered and used again.

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