Photography is the perfect way to bring back memories from any adventure and even when you can’t travel it is an easy escape from the everyday.

This is a growing library of tips to help you get the most from your camera.  For an overview start with the PHOTOGRAPHY HUB and see where you go.

small camera in yellow meadow

Wildlife, Nature and Travel Photography

Photography is the perfect way to explore the wildlife around your home as well as when you are travelling. This corner of Meandering Wild will help you learn photography
light trails on Westminster Bridge

Photographing Light Trails on Westminster Bridge

Photographing light trails of vehicles crossing Westminster Bridge in London can produce beautiful long exposure images. Getting set up correctly is essential to ensure that the camera is in the right place at the right time.
Alpenglow on a Norwegian mountain

Photographing Golden Morning Alpenglow

Alpenglow is seen high in the mountains. Light is reflected through particles in the atmosphere causing the mountains to glow for a short while before sunrise.