Kyiv in Pictures

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, a country in the far east of Europe. Bordered by Belarus, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Poland as well as the Black Sea coastline and Russia it is dominated by forests and wild steppes.

 Driving into the city, the domes of the cathedrals and churches glisten in the winter sunlight. An orthodox christian country; the cathedrals are an important part of the story of the country and are integral in daily life. With a long and sometimes volatile history this growing city sits on the banks of the River Dnieper. This river passes through Kiev on its 1300 mile journey from the Valdai Hills in Russia to the Black Sea at Kherson.

Street art and small cafes are emerging and blend with the ancient buildings and traditions. New buildings are appearing alongside the derelict shells of older, now abandoned structures and homes.