Well, there is a question!  When did it start?  I'm not really sure. 

I've always been a bit of a closet journal writer.  Not every day things but as soon as we go away the camera, notebook and treasures start to accumulate.  Even days out and dog walks are an excuse for the camera and some exploring. 

Since 2014 Meandering Wild has been somewhere for my thoughts and adventures to be shared.   After lots of attempts I have finally settled somewhere that I like;  a collection of places that are wild, interesting and not always on the tourist radar. 

Everything I share can be accomplished in a day without long treks or nights of camping.  As I get older I want comfort and good food rather than cheap and strenuous!  Some beautiful little stays and amazing food places will also appear here from time to time.

When my life changed in 2012, photography and wild places became my escape from reality.  A lot of the places Meandering Wild will share are good for photography even with kids in tow.   



This is  a chance to share some of the amazing locations that I have visited.  I will provide details for each place so you can plan a visit if it takes your fancy.  I will pull various locations together to give a simple, but tried and tested itinerary to allow an easy few days of exploring from what I have discovered.  Sometimes there are things that are just stunning and I want to share them.  The blog post may not have any value other than to make you think or smile, but that is enough for me!

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A lot of my favourite images have been captured with two boys playing or exploring in the background while I sit and daydream with my phone and its camera.  

I don't have time around family life to spend hours waiting for the perfect light.  I have to grab images and moments when I can. 

On family days I travel light with just a Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii and a Joby gorillapod.  The perfect combination for photography and family.

On my rare 'treat' days out with my camera it is a Canon 5D Mark iii and 100-400mm lens that accompanies me to remote  and beautiful spots.


I hope you enjoy your time on my site