Pripyat Elementary School Number 3

Pripyat Elementary School Number 3 is located in the abandoned city of Pripyat within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It is located next to the still impressive Lazurny Swimming Pool. There is very little information available about this school but it is one of the most photographed with its extensive collection of gas masks and was the location for the a stunning wildlife photograph of the year entry in 2019.

clock on a wall with gas mask

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Abandoned Pripyat Elementary School Number Three

The main doors to the school stand open, inviting those who wish to disobey the rules and enter the building. Even in the winter sunlight the welcome is warm and inviting. The reception to the school is ornate, a patterned screen runs in the sunlight, shadows dancing on the bare concrete floor.

The main hall, off the corridor is dark. Gas masks are strewn across the floor. A reminder of the Cold War fears of the city. They have been stripped of their silver filters and discarded. A chilling sight in what should be a place of calm and learning.

Beyond the hall is an an ornate staircase leading to the upper floor of the school and doors lead through to classrooms. These are strewn with the remains of learning. Desks and books are dusted in a fine coat of white. A collection of debris from years of neglect lies over the once new and vibrant classroom items, recognisable the world over.

Photography Notes

Pripyat Elementary School number 3 has lots of options for photography but do remember that you must not enter the building however good the photographic opportunities appear. The building structure is deteriorating and some buildings are now collapsing. There is also dust that in places that is still contaminated.

Using a long lens and zooming in on objects makes it possible to take photographs through the windows. Details are important in this location and taking time to look at the toys and the classroom items scattered on the floor can bring a new dimension to the lives of these young people.

How to Find Pripyat Elementary School number 3

The school is located on Sportyvna Street in Pripyat adjacent to the swimming pool.

It cannot be entered but it is worth exploring through the windows.

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