Photography and kids is never a good combination.  Before my life changed and I became a ‘double’ parent I took for granted the ease of ‘taking turns’ to do grown up fun things while the other herded the children.  Being on the amazing Isle of Lewis there was no way I was going to miss out on taking some photographs.  Now my boys are fairly easy-going.  Give them a beach and some boundaries and life is usually fairly simple.  That is until my camera appears.  Then World War 3 erupts and they become the most demanding children ever.  I have however discovered 10 simple steps to help me enjoy my time and keep them entertained.  The biggest problem is then keeping them out of the shot.

photography with kids
The scouting shot with two boys in the frame!

10 Steps to Survival

  1. Ensure boys were fed and watered
  2. Confirm boys were warm and spare clothes were ready for when the inevitable paddling accident occurred
  3. Find locations that have some form of child entertainment
  4. Play with the boys while I scout the location
  5. Herd them to a spot that has both photographic potential and child entertainment
  6. Set up and take photographs as efficiently as possible
  7. Step away every so often and help with the activity
  8. Quit while I was ahead and they were still happy
  9. Bribe with 20p per location per child
  10. Allow them to take photographs at the same time (this is becoming my favoured technique)
photography and kids
The kids
Photography and kids
The Photograph

It will never be the same as quality photography time with other grown-up’s or on my own, but it fulfilled the requirements for the trip!  I have now got to a point where family time is just that and photography time is taken when I am child free.  That doesn’t mean to say family holidays aren’t selected for photographic potential, but it is not my primary intention.

Have you got any more tips?

kids and photography pin

2 thoughts on “Photography and Kids – 10 Steps to Family Harmony”

  1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your website – very impressive! You captured a beautiful image here, despite having the boys in tow. I tend to avoid doing photography with other adults in order to minimise distractions, so I take my hat off to you for juggling it with the kids! It’s lovely to connect with you and I will enjoy browsing through more of your work. Best wishes, Karen

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